Canon Unveils EOS C700 Flagship cinema camera


Canon has announced a new addition to its Cinema EOS line of professional cinematography cameras, the EOS C700, which appears to be the first camera from Canon to leverage the global shutter CMOS sensor technology the company revealed yesterday. The camera will be available in three variants: the C700, C700 PL, and C700 GS PL.

The EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL feature a Super 35mm 4.5K sensor with wide dynamic range, which Canon says extends to 15 stops of latitude. The EOS 700 GS PL features a Super 35mm 4K sensor with global shutter. Global shutter is a desirable feature for filmmakers as it allows the camera to capture data from the entire sensor at one time. In contrast, most CMOS sensors capture data using what is known as a rolling shutter, in which data is captured line by line as it comes off the sensor, and which is responsible for the ‘Jello’ effect often seen in digital video.


All three cameras support Canon’s standard Log gamma profiles (Canon Log3, Canon Log2, and CanonLog), and support frame rates up to 4K/60p and 2K/240p. Canon has also added the ability to record footage straight to Apple ProRes, a common editing format, in addition to Raw data capture and Canon’s own XF-AVC compressed codec. Additionally, these are the first Cinema EOS cameras to include a de-squeeze feature for live monitoring when shooting with anamorphic lenses.

Owners won’t be locked into a lens mount or sensor; the C700 will allow users to switch between EF and PL mounts, as well as between the standard CMOS sensor and the global shutter CMOS sensor. (Though this work will need to be done at a Canon service facility.) Canon gives users incentive to pair the camera with EF lenses as these will make it possible to take advantage of Dual Pixel autofocus, however those who choose PL mount versions will get compatibility with Cooke/i metadata communication technology.

Finally, Canon has partnered with Codex to provide a fully integrated, no cable workflow option with the Codex CDX-36150 recorder.

These look like impressive tools, and they come with a price tag to match. The EOS C700 and C700 PL are expected to go on sale in December with a list price of $35,000, while the EOS C700 GS PL should be available in January (2017) with a list price of $38,000.

Source: DPreview

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