Canon introduced the XC15 4K camcorder


Canon has announced the new XC15 camera, a 4K UHD camcorder in a compact body.

Though it’s clearly a follow-up to the company’s XC10 model, introduced in 2015, Canon is positioning the XC15 very differently. When the XC10 was announced Canon presented it as a camera that could bridge the gap for those who needed to shoot both video and stills, emphasizing its 12MP still capture capability.


In contrast, the press release for the XC15 doesn’t even mention still photos, instead positioning the camera as a high quality, compact 4K camcorder oriented at news and video production, possibly as a B-camera to a Cinema EOS model. Canon hasn’t yet provided detailed specifications, but like the XC10 it uses a 1” CMOS sensor and a 10x optical zoom lens, which appears to be the same 24.1mm-241mm F2.8-5.6 (equivalent) lens found on the XC10.


It appears that Canon is making an effort to respond to one very specific area of feedback from many of its video users: the need for XLR microphone support. The camera ships with Canon’s MA-400 microphone adapter that provides XLR-input compatibility.


The XC15 will be available in September for $3000.00.

Source: DPreview

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