Hikvision lunched falcon series drone for aerial Surveillance (Video)


Hikvision lunched Falcon series drone for aerial Surveillance. This UAV adopts all-carbon fiber design, to ensure the strength of the aircraft while reducing the weight of aircraft.


Utilizing modular design, the UAV has fold-able flying arms, can quickly assemble and disassemble, also convenient to carry. It’s noteworthy that the maximum flight speed of the Falcon drone up to 80km/h, combat radius of 10 km, the continuous flying time is up to 33 minutes.

Hikvision drone comes with a 30x optical zoom camera, support 2 megapixel at 25 frame per second video capturing.


The zoom camera is fixed on a triaxial head which supports pan and tilt (auto-flip) rotation, it integrates independent E.T-ahrs 3D Attitude and Heading Sensor (AHRS Balancer) to track the rotation of camera, so that can capture stable video footage. For the base station, it supports patrol plan, one-key take off etc features.


Cooperating with base station software, can display vehicle flying track on GIS map. Needs to be emphasized that the base station using wireless microwave to transmit video, it has advantages of anti-interference, strong diffraction, long transmission distance etc. This technology can transmit full HD images at real time between drone and base station.


Source: Hikvision

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